Air, work in progress

I am currently undertaking practice-based PhD research at the ECA, University of Edinburgh. In my research project Doing the Crease: Text as Subject in a Liberation of Folds, I work with the idea of the fold as a method to investigate how text appears ‘subjecty’. The project comprises a collection of sculptural, textual and aural works intending to take text as a subject and fold it away from narrative into a multidimensional form in which words, letters, materials and voice join into a new syntax. The main research question is whether language stages ‘subjectness’ through its materiality and structure. The project also includes an essay that, taking Arpels’ garden in Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle (1958) as its departure point, addresses subjectivation, folding and creasing through an examination of mutant flowers, various films, slapstick comedy, art, writing and ball games.